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Kingwood Winery is located on the property of Kingwood Resort & Winery. The newest winery and tasting room in the area, Kingwood Winery has created their line of Chechero Wines. Named after one of the original settlements by the native Americans in the county and the beautiful creek that runs through the property is named it as well, Chechero was the only name for our line of 5 wines. We offer a Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and we round out with a Red Blend. Currahee Winery winemakers have partnered with us here at the Kingwood Winery to help us create wonderfully delicious wines. At the winery, we also offer several of their wines for our guests as well. 

*Chechero Pinot Grigio delights with notes of citrus fruits intertwined with bright flavors of lemon, white nectarine, and crisp green apple.

*Chechero Chardonnay captures layers of summer fruit, honeydew and melon that transforms across the palate with a lasting finish.

*Chechero Merlot is a bold bouquet of black cherries, currants, dark chocolate, licorice, and leather that is softened by a long spicy finish.

* Chechero Cabernet Sauvignon explodes with vanilla notes wrapped in black plum accompanied by the strength of dark fruits on your palate. Seductively smooth and velvety with ripe tannins and assertive acidity.

*Chechero signature 4 varietal blend gives alluring notes of dark berries and cherries supported by hints of earthy spices. The rich and firm tannins warm and coat the palate with a lasting ripe finish.

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