River & Rafting

There are so many rivers around Kingwood Resort and Winery and so many things to do. If you have a taste for adventure, then Rabun County is the place for you. The most famous of rivers here in our area is the Chattooga River just minutes away from the resort.  There are  outfitters that will take you on a guided adventure down the Chattooga River.  Known as the “Crown Jewel” of the southeast, the Chattooga was the first river east of the Mississippi to be granted the Wild & Scenic designation, and is still the only one that is commercially rafted.  This river is the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina.  The Chatooga does have sections of class V rapids but the majority is a class II-IV.  Our welcome center staff here on Kingwood Property can get you in contact with the outfitters to schedule your adventure and also help you get the best prices available.

There are many other river, creeks, and streams all around Kingwood Resort & Winery.  A great resource is HERE.  If being outside by or on water is your happy place then you have come to the right place.  Although the temperatures are not as hot as those down the mountain these are some great places to be which is especially good after a couple of days of Summer rain.  You can just sit, and contemplate, beside one of the many beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and streams.  Did someone say waterfalls?  Yes, Rabun County is home to more waterfalls than any other county in the North Georgia Mountains.  Just ask in the Welcome Center for details of all the local water attractions.

Another resource for all things to do while you stay here at Kingwood Resort & Winery is www.ExploreRabun.com.  There you will find a list of all outdoor adventure opportunities as well as shopping, food, and events.  Once you see all there is to do in this area you will want to stay even longer.