Weddings at Kingwood

Kingwood is the perfect venue for your wedding, offering Beautiful Settings, Dining, Accommodation and Relaxation

We pride ourselves on making your day special, and something to remember.

That is why we are making this special offer to you.

To get our FREE 1 hour consultation AND FREE Wedding Planning Service, please fill out the form on this page.

As you start out on this experience that takes you closer and closer to your special day, we, at Kingwood, would like to make your day as carefree as it should be. Your special day at Kingwood is something we treasure and take very seriously.

Free Wedding Planner

Our offer to you, today, is a Free Wedding Planner. To get our free wedding planner, please fill in the form and tell us about your wedding.

Though you might think this is just a book, we are offering both. We will help you plan your wedding with both a book to treasure and our expertise.

We can help you plan your Treasured Day from before your guests arrive through to when your last guest leaves us.

We can organize your hair, your make-up, your rehearsal, your accommodation, transport, catering, the list goes on. Our expert planners have done this many times and we have it all – all in one place.

We offer you today both the book and our expertise. A book to help you plan your wedding AND the planned resort that has everything you need all in one place.

Get Married at Kingwood and we will take care of it all.

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